david tajchman tops organic 'cosmos' residence in greece with fluid overhanging roof

david tajchman tops organic 'cosmos' residence in greece with fluid overhanging roof


david tajchman and luc izri unveil ‘cosmos’ architectural manifesto


architects david tajchman and luc izri introduce ‘cosmos’, a residential proposal located in a remote area of southern peloponnese, greece, offering panoramic views on the aegean sea. the project presents itself as an architectural manifesto, showcasing a bespoke topological design where ground and structure become one, generating a variety of living spaces within a reduced footprint. subtle deformities shape a series of curves moving upwards and downwards —stalactites and stalagmites— completing the seamless interior which is realized by using local materials and traditional construction techniques. 

cosmos an architectural manifesto 1
panoramic view on the aegean sea

all images courtesy of david tajchman and luc izri



topology and topography entwined 


‘the genesis of cosmos is a landskate: an intricate terrace in dialogue with the wild déjà-là.’ david tajchman and luc izri share. by observing, learning, and translating geometries and mathematics found into nature, the architects were able to shape ‘cosmos’ as a topology entwined with a topography. the home sits in an olive grove on a terraced rocky cliff filled with mediterranean nature. the land’s agricultural past shows fences and terraces built with traditional stonewalls that underline the existing topography. the hilly plot planted with ancient olive trees offers 360° views of the sea and the surrounding preserved nature.


with a tight budget including the land and construction costs, the two-bedroom residence is limited to forty indoor square meters, merging indoor and outdoor living spaces by designing fully openable glass windows, doorless inner spaces, and large outdoor shaded areas provided by the overhanging roof. you can find more works of david tajchman here, and of luc izri here. 

cosmos an architectural manifesto 2
topological roof and landskate



an ecosystem expressing an autonomous and endless living cycle


‘cosmos’ is envisioned as a self-sufficient ecosystem, an autonomous micro-architecture: isolated from any urban grid and networks, with respect to the natural beauty of the greek landscapes. ‘we use local resources and materials, revisiting traditional construction techniques with new technologies and rapid manufacturing,’ the architects explain. ‘developed in the spirit of a digital gesamtkunstwerk, aiming for a total work of art, cosmos is a multidisciplinary design work with engineers, builders, craftsmen and artists.’


thanks to digital design, it is possible to develop, prepare and prefabricate most of this topological ‘habitacle’, while reducing the on-site construction duration and controlling the details of design and construction better. the concrete ground and terrace — ‘landskate’ — is designed with channels and the rooftop’s furrows guide, store and recycle rainwaters, providing the off-grid cosmos its own resources, as an expression of an autonomous and endless living cycle. the roof spans way beyond the chesterfield concrete wall, providing ample shaded spaces on the terrace and rubbing away the limits between interiors and exteriors. the terrace includes a pool and sunken furniture in the fluid concrete soil.

cosmos an architectural manifesto 9
‘chesterfield’ concrete façade

cosmos an architectural manifesto 3
entrance view

cosmos an architectural manifesto 4
stairs to the roof

cosmos an architectural manifesto 10
exterior shower


full view of the ‘cosmos’ residence



living room
living room
seamless bedroom
seamless bedroom
seamless terrazzo bathroom
seamless terrazzo bathroom

project info:


name: cosmos
architects: david tajchmanluc izri
location: southern peloponnese, greece



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