‘fyf residence’ by patterns in rosario, argentina all images courtesy patterns

los angeles-based architecture practice patterns has sent us images of their recently finished single-family house in argentina, ‘fyf residence’. located in the outskirts of rosario, a city approximately 300 km north of buenos aires, the single-storey dwelling aims to challenge the flat homogeneity of the traditional neighborhood it sits adjacent.

patterns: fyf residence elevation

the 200 m2 project was conceived as a monolithic form punctuated by subtle inflections that establish a complex spatial identity for both the exterior and the interior. through a number of folds and bends, the cast-on-site reinforced concrete shell forms the body of the house; perforations in areas of transition serves as openings, resulting in an internal environment that is well lit, cross-ventilated, and offers oblique views. the effects of transparency and mass is explored through systematic cuts of both the facade and roof.

patterns: fyf residence (left) the faceted curve surface from the pool (right) detail

located within viewing distance from the main communal area, a pliant pool stretches the body of the house while activating a dynamic sequence of movement and views to the landscape beyond. the projecting roof near the pool area is broken down into a number of flat compartments that altogether form the complex curvature of the house’s surface.

patterns: fyf residence looking down to the pool

patterns: fyf residence interior – kitchen area

patterns: fyf residence looking out to the pool

patterns: fyf residence (left) the effects of the subtle curving wall (right) interior corridor defined by the light well

the clients, who are an agricultural engineer and a landscape designer, had requested that a small greenhouse be integrated into the design. instead of placing it in a separate and autonomous structure on the site, the architects situated the green house in a continuous spatial sequence with the interior social spaces. a small curving lightwell defines the central corridor of the house while illuminating the interior with natural daylight.

patterns: fyf residence lightwell

patterns: fyf residence

patterns: fyf residence exterior view

patterns: fyf residence

patterns: fyf residence entrance and garage

patterns: fyf residence plan

patterns: fyf residence roof plan

patterns: fyf residence longitudinal section

patterns: fyf residence longitudinal section

patterns: fyf residence cross sections

patterns: fyf residence elevations

patterns: fyf residence axo

patterns: fyf residence exploded axo of integrated systems (from bottom to top) landscape – mounds and shreds demarcating vegetation activity terrace interior partitions – activity flow and controlled green systems concrete shell – framing and window systems substrate geometry

patterns: fyf residence composite site plan (1) topographic garden (2) terrace (3) vehicular driveway (4) concrete shell house (5) pool area

project info:

project type: single-family house location: rosario, argentina size: 200 m2

principals in charge: marcelo spina and georgina huljich project assistants: james vincent, hunter knight, en jang, ben luddy executive architect (1st phase): estudio +/alejandro beltramone and marcelo ponselini executive architect (2nd phase): dalabona arquitectos – monia dalabona, pricipal in charge