paying without staying


standing in solidarity with the people of ukraine, people around the world have turned to airbnb as a way to provide direct help. there are many organizations offering support — including doctors without borders and international humanitarian group CARE — and airbnb has joined in, setting up free shelter for 100,000 of the three million people who have fled the country as of march 15th.


now, as a means of helping individual ukrainian citizens directly, members of the public have begun to book airbnb rentals in kyiv, knowing that they will, of course, not be staying. this way, money will be given to residents who are remaining in the country and facing extreme financial hardship in the wake of the devastating russian invasion.


one couple a booked an airbnb rental for seven days next week in kyiv, ukraine, sharing the confirmation on twitter: ‘hello maria, my wife and I have just booked your apartment for one week, but of course we will not be visiting. this is just so you can receive some money.’ if you would like to do the same, find a listing here.




solidarity with ukraine through airbnb


in that thread, a twitter user requested that airbnb drop its fees for booking in ukraine, which typically range from 3% to 15%. following the request, an airbnb spokesperson made a statement pledging that the company will be waiving fees in the country: ‘we appreciate the generosity of our community during this moment of crisis. airbnb is also waiving all guest and host fees on all bookings in ukraine at this time.’

people are paying for empty airbnb rentals in ukraine to offer direct help to residents
a fire damaged building following a blast during russian artillery strikes in kyiv on friday, feb. 25, 2022
image by erin trieb, bloomberg, getty images | via CNBC