name: Personal gym in Tokyo
designer: Office Shogo Onodera
author site: Office Shogo Onodera

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This is a facility design of the newly opened personal gym “THE REAL” in Tokyo. The common image of personal gym usually is somewhat related to bodybuilding, but here, what we were asked to design was a place where you can just “be yourself”. The purpose of this gym is not only to work out physically but to maintain one’s body and mental by manual and physical therapy, and by counseling. Therefore, we decided to make “conditioning” as the center of all functions. Therefore, we let the conditioning room for manual therapy and physical therapy, and a hotel-like powder room take up half of the whole gym, and the rest was made into the active training room. We also gave the space a soft atmosphere so that anyone could easily come to training. The conditioning room uses a lot of curves to soften the masculine and stoic side of a traditional training room. Arches are used for the openings and doorways, and the glossy curved walls reflect the light. In addition, by using curved rail curtains to partition the powder room and conditioning room, we aimed to increase the sense of depth while gently dividing the zones. The active training room is used not only for training customers but also for the owner who is an athlete himself in lifesaving and beach flags. The space was arranged to create as large and simple volume as possible so that it could handle not only weight training but also sprints and jumps. The rhythm of the entire room is created by splitting the openings and panels while taking advantage of the natural light that enters through the existing windows. In contrast to the conditioning room, we used a lot of straight lines in the active training room to create a tense space where you can easily concentrate and focus your mind. Bolon, a Danish product, was used for the floor of each room. The ethical material, which is highly durable for training and is made by weaving recycled PVC, is healthy and strong, suitable for embodying “THE REAL”. Moreover, by using the color blue, we aimed for the space to remind a fresh ocean-like atmosphere, which was perfect for the client who had been training himself close to the sea.

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project info:

name: Personal gym in Tokyo
designer: Office Shogo Onodera
author site: Office Shogo Onodera