peter pichler celebrates sustainability with monolithic bonfiglioli headquarters

peter pichler celebrates sustainability with monolithic bonfiglioli headquarters

bonfiglioli headquarters: a net zero workspace in italy

Milan-based firm Peter Pichler Architecture and ARUP take sustainable design to new heights with the Bonfiglioli Headquarters, the final piece of the EVO development in Bologna. With its performative facade, the project exemplifies the latest in energy efficiency standards, boasting a three-megawatt peak power photovoltaic plant that spans not only the rooftops of the new plant but also the awnings of the staff car park. The headquarters is conceived as a nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB), incorporating geothermal heat pumps and radiant ceilings to maximize energy savings while ensuring optimal internal comfort. See designboom’s previous coverage here!

peter pichler bonfiglioli headquartersimages © Gustav Willeit



peter pichler architecture prioritizes wellness


The team at Peter Pichler Architecture designs its Bonfiglioli Headquarters with a commitment to integration with the natural environment. Drawing inspiration from the existing masterplan’s courtyard typology, the headquarters features a green garden on the ground floor, fostering natural ventilation through a chimney effect. The innovative roof design, tilted to respond to local sunlight conditions, amplifies workspace with indirect natural light, while south-facing facades are clad in a custom continuous pleated aluminum mesh, both filtering intense light and paying homage to the company’s industrial roots.

peter pichler bonfiglioli headquarters
Bonfiglioli Headquarters integrates a three-megawatt photovoltaic plant and geothermal heat pumps



an exoskeleton facade for open interiors


Inside, Bonfiglioli Headquarters embraces a modern workplace ethos, as Peter Pichler Architecture prioritizing connectivity and collaboration. Column-free open spaces, facilitated by an Exoskeleton facade, promote fluid movement and interaction. Thoughtfully orchestrated layouts and sculptural spiral staircases encourage creative exchange, while a bridge on the third floor fosters seamless workflow and communication between departments. The architects prioritize the health and well-being of the building’s occupants, incorporating green spaces and maximizing indirect natural light to create an optimized workspace. Its unique sloped roof design culminates in six terraces, offering serene outdoor spaces for reflection and inspiration, with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. 
peter pichler bonfiglioli headquarters
the workspace integrates gardens and a tilted roof for optimal light utilization

peter pichler bonfiglioli headquarters
column-free interiors and sculptural stairs lend open workspaces to encourage interaction

peter pichler celebrates sustainability with monolithic bonfiglioli headquarters
green spaces and natural light prioritize the health and well-being of occupants


six terraces offer serene outdoor retreats with views of the surrounding landscape

peter pichler celebrates sustainability with monolithic bonfiglioli headquarters
rooted in circular principles, the design adapts to evolving needs an minimizes environmental impact


the headquarters embodies sustainable innovation, setting new standards for energy-autonomous buildings



project info:


project title: Bonfiglioli Headquarters
architecture: Peter Pichler Architecture | @peterpichler_architecture
location: Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy

client: Bonfiglioli | @bonfiglioli_group

area: 6,200 square meters

completion: February 2024

photography: © Gustav Willeit | @sangu


PPA principals: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas

PPA team: Peter Pichler, Niklas Knap, Simona Alù, Ugo Licciardi, Cem Ozbasaran, Filippo Ogliani, Giovanni Paterlini, Domenico Calabrese, Nathalia Rotelli, Angela Ferrari, Alessandro Cardellini, Simone Valbusa. Structure & MEP: ARUP

electrical engineering: ARUP

facade planning: Pichler Projects

fire consultant: ICS Ingegneria Acoustics: Solarraum

site supervision: Studio Taddia

general contractor: Ing Ferrari, Pichler Projects

project management Bonfiglioli: Federico Mazzanti, Chiara Persi, Vincenzo Lamanna

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