twelve chalets scattered over the austrian alps become the peterhof alpe furx hotel

twelve chalets scattered over the austrian alps become the peterhof alpe furx hotel

an alpine hotel on the austrian slopes


Speckled across the slopes of Austria‘s Alpe Furx ski resort is a new Peterhof hotel by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten. The cluster of twelve chalets stands as the replacement of a pre-existing hotel, offering tranquility and intimacy all with a contemporary timber warmth. These private timber chalets are grouped around a main building which hosts a place for gathering and social interactions among visitors.


In designing its resort, the team was careful in its treatment of the land and the relationship between the structures. The chalets are organized in three groups of four, and arranged in a manner that appears scattered and natural. Each chalet is designed according to a basic model, which the team describes as ‘using reflection and layering to add variety according to position and access route.’

peterhof alpe furx hotel
all images © Albrecht Immanuel Schnabel (unless otherwise stated)



the framed views of the peterhof alpe furx


The main building of the Peterhof Alpe Furx Hotel is curated by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten (see more here) with carefully framed views. Inside, visitors peer outward to the mountains and valleys, a nearby chapel, and the ski slopes in the winter. This larger building is nestled into the landscape downslope of the chalets to best preserve these views for the private spaces. Occupants will have clear vistas of the Alpine landscape at every moment of their stay.

peterhof alpe furx hotel



timber finish, inside and out


The Peterhof Alpe Furx Hotel is finished inside and out with exposed timber. The two-story chalets are clad from top to bottom in larch shingles, and nestle into the mountain slope. Inside, a large picture window on each floor offers views of the surrounding countryside, while a skylight frames even views of the sky above. The interior of the entire shell is clad in light silver fir, creating a warm contrast to the outer skin, as does the furniture, designed in black-stained ash, and maple.


The restaurant building echoes these materials with its silver fir interior, solid concrete core with the black, trowel-applied finish, maple, and black-stained ash. The chalets each house a bedroom, a large living and dining area with a kitchen and wood-burning stove, a sauna, and an outdoor hot tub. The two stories of the main building face west in a welcoming gesture, while the restaurant and terrace host seating for 120 people.

peterhof alpe furx hotel
each chalet prioritizes framed views of the sweeping alpine range

peterhof alpe furx hotel
the private cabins are organized in three groups of four peterhof alpe furx hotelthe exteriors are finished in larch shingles from top to bottom


thoughtful lighting highlights the ubiquitous timber finish

twelve chalets scattered over the austrian alps become the peterhof alpe furx hotelinteriors are finished in light-silver fir


the main building hosts a restaurant, a space for social encounters



image © Marc Lins, OLEX Design
image © Marc Lins, OLEX Design

project info:


project title: Peterhof Alpe Furx Hotel

architecture: Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

location: Batschuns, Austria

completion: 2021

photography: Albrecht Immanuel Schnabel

drone photography: Marc Lins, OLEX Design


structural engineering: Hämmerle Huster Statik Ziviltechniker
building physics: Spektrum Bauphysik & Bauökologie GmbH
electrical planning: Ingenieurbüro Brugger GmbH
interior design: Marika Marte Innenarchitektur
project architects: Marco Franzmann, Hugo Herrera Pianno, Mariella Wolf, Enea Sampaolesi
building technology: Marte Diem GmbH
drainage engineer: Rudhardt-Gasser-Pfefferkorn Ziviltechniker
general contractor: Rhomberg BAU GmbH

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