philippe starck + riko realize first version of P.A.T.H. prefab house
all images courtesy of riko d.o.o.




as an example of one configuration of 34 possible permutations, a two-story version of the philippe starck-designed prefabricated house known as ‘P.A.T.H.‘ has been built in montfort l’amaury of the paris region. short for ‘prefabricated accessible technological homes’, the flexible system allows any given client the ability to arrange and shape their future living space based on a variety of modular components. these include a range of different floor plans, façades, roof types, finishes, fixtures, and lighting options. the project has been developed in collaboration with slovenian construction specialist riko, and maintains a commitment to ecologically conscious design, with potential integration of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection, and heat pumps.

philippe starck riko p.a.t.h. prefab house designboom

sliding doors link the living room to an outdoor deck




the P.A.T.H. prefabricated system allows for fast design and construction, with a delivery time of six months. in seeking to be accessible, the team has created a ‘configurator’ application on their website, allowing for interactive selection by any interested client. designer philippe starck states, ‘P.A.T.H. is a reliable and intelligent solution for us, our children, the children of our children facing the challenges of ecology, economy, and energy.’


see designboom’s previous coverage on the P.A.T.H. prefabricated residence here, which includes multiple envisioned configurations available in the flexible system.

philippe starck riko p.a.t.h. prefab house designboom

(left) vegetation and wind turbines are integrated with the roof
(right) awnings extend from the structure to shade glass façades

philippe starck riko p.a.t.h. prefab house designboom

continuous glass façades allow for exterior views from all spaces in the home

philippe starck riko p.a.t.h. prefab house designboom


in an interview with euronews, philippe starck shares his views on design as well as further insight into P.A.T.H.
video courtesy of euronews