phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project

phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project

YOO GYE in ecuador by YOO Inspired by Starck


Quito-based developer Uribe Schwarzkopf has unveiled plans for YOO GYE, a 46-floor tower situated in the thriving neighborhood of Puerto Santa Ana in Ecuador. The interiors of the development will be crafted by YOO inspired by Starck, a collaboration between the renowned designer Philippe Starck and the property development company YOO. In 1999, Starck joined forces with John Hitchcox to establish YOO, and since then, they have successfully completed over 30 projects worldwide, leaving an imprint on the landscape of contemporary design and architecture.


YOO GYE provides a blend of residential and commercial spaces, featuring a design that is influenced by the local environment and seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature. With a rich history spanning five decades, Uribe Schwarzkopf aims to shape the future of Ecuador’s cities, fostering vibrant communities and sustainable urban environments. During these years, they have formed partnerships with renowned international architecture and design firms, leaving their architectural mark in Ecuadorian cities. Collaborations include the aforementioned YOO Inspired by Starck (see more here), Moshe Safdie (more here), Bjarke Ingels, BIG (more here), Wanders & YOO (more here), and Tatiana Bilbao (more here), among others.

phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project
image by YOO GYE exterior, © YOO inspired by Starck



YOO GYE captures the essence of the vibrant city


YOO GYE is the second building by Uribe Schwarzkopft (more here) in the vibrant city of Guayaquil. Boasting unobstructed vistas of the Guayas River and the city skyline, the development seamlessly combines the charm of urban living with waterfront panoramas. Drawing inspiration from the city’s diverse character, the design of YOO GYE embraces the contrasts found within Guayaquil itself, from the expansive river expanse to the lush tropical landscapes and the dynamic riverside promenade against the backdrop of the historic Las Peñas quarter.


The design by YOO inspired by Starck (find more here) prominently features rounded arches, a motif that traces its origins to the importation of Italian and Spanish styles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In traditional Guayaquil architecture, arches served both aesthetic and practical purposes, allowing for the integration of windows and shutters to facilitate ventilation. In YOO GYE, these arches not only fulfill a functional role but also serve as frames, seamlessly connecting the tower with the surrounding landscapes. Additionally, the exterior design celebrates lush natural surroundings, encompassing tropical vegetation, expansive bodies of water, and rolling hills. By incorporating nature into the façade, the building exudes a sense of ‘perpetual evolution’ and harmonious integration with its environment.

phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project
image by YOO GYE outdoor pool, © YOO inspired by Starck 2


Comprising 633 modern residences across 46 floors, the mixed-use scheme of YOO GYE provides residents with a large series of amenities and communal areas. These include a spa, cinema, party room, and expansive outdoor spaces with panoramic views. With an eye on sustainability, the team used locally sourced materials, such as limestone, combining the earthy textures of soft woods and stones with sleek glass and metal finishes. This infuses the spaces with a contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic that emphasizes functionality and practical living. 


Nature takes center stage in the project, with a strong emphasis on incorporating the outdoors into the living experience. The outdoor spaces are designed to immerse residents in a serene ambiance, with an abundance of native vegetation that evokes a harmonious connection with nature. YOO GYE presents a fresh vision of a vertical community where residents actively contribute to the project’s evolution alongside the city and its natural surroundings.

phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project
image by YOO GYE outdoor pool, © YOO inspired by Starck


‘We’re excited once again to be working with YOO Inspired by Starck and announce plans for our third project; YOO GYE, our latest contribution to the growing transformation of Guayaquil. The mixed-use scheme reflects the local architecture and natural surroundings. We are looking forward to seeing the building come to life and to continue to be a part of the fabric of Guayaquil,’ mentioned Joseph Schwarzkopf, General Manager, Uribe Schwarzkop.


Philippe Starck stands as one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary creators. His body of work spans a wide range of disciplines, ranging from everyday products like furniture, electric bikes, and wind turbines to architectural endeavors such as hotels, restaurants, and cultural centers. ‘YOO projects, and YOO GYE in particular, are about You. I wanted to create a place that draws people together, that makes them laugh, makes them more in love, more sparkling, more intelligent. I wanted to create fertile surprises to awake people, to create conversations, to create
interactions and to trigger creativity. A place where Us, humans, are at its heart. YOO GYE will be this place, this island, this sort of paradise designed for the happiness of the people who will live in it,’ said Philippe Starck, Creative Director, YOO inspired by Starck.

phillipe starck's tapering tower sprouts in ecuador for YOO GYE residential project
image by YOO GYE outdoor dining, © YOO inspired by Starck


image by YOO GYE Interior arches, © YOO inspired by Starck YOO GYE

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