plan:b organizes colombian house as four connected concrete volumes
all images © alejandro arango




colombia-based firm plan:b arquitectos have erected ‘house in llano grande’ as a system of parallel concrete walls. despite its detached appearance, the building is arranged as four volumes that is connected transversely. set on a large piece of land in rionegro, colombia, the build is surrounded by verdant landscape and is defined by the heavy use of concrete. most prominently, the concrete parallel planes in section increase in height towards the forest and opens out into generous programs based across two levels.

all the bedrooms and social areas are located on the flattest areas on the land




internally, the living spaces have been orientated to face the forest, with all the bedrooms and social areas resting on the flatter surface. meanwhile, the highest parts of the house opens up to individual terrace areas to overlook the scenery. perforated bronze screens interrupt the concrete and in turn, is introduced as divider screens or on the façade to generate a every changing effect to light. the material palette of exposed reinforced concrete is complemented with dark tiles, rustic stone and accents of wood.

 during the development, the plan was arranged to focus on the courtyard and the views towards the mountains




circulation depends on four independent staircases that give access to two private mezzanines in the bedrooms, a suspended library over the living room and to the service area. each volume ends with a semi covered deck over the scenery; the home marking a clear contrast between its contemporary style and warm interiors.


an outdoor but sheltered walkway connects the home together

perforated screens are continued as panels over the windows

double height windows invite light in and views out

timber flooring adds warmth to the otherwise concrete dominate space

exposed reinforced concrete and tiles of dark and locally sourced rustic stone are the materials used

each volume ends with a semi covered deck

the dwelling is located in rionegro, antioquia, colombia



project info:

name: house in llano grande
use: residential, single family house
completion: january 2016
area: 500m²
location: rionegro, antioquia, colombia
ecosystem: montane forest
elevation (above sea level): 2.080 m
temperature: 12-26ºc
orientation: north – south
direction of wind: east – west
structure: reinforced concrete walls
materials: concrete, stone, wood and perforated metal panels