plasma studio introduces its ‘house H’ along a sloping site overlooking the italian village of santa maria. the site is a place of pilgrimage near dobbiaco, surrounded by the monumental peaks of the dolomite range. at the edge of the village, the plot consists of a slope towards south, facing outward toward the sun and the mountains. in the initial stages of the design, the team faced zoning restrictions which called for a minimal footprint, as well as a pitched roof parallel to the slope of the land. the final volume and the concept of the project results from a process of subtraction.

plasma studio house H
images by holger kehne of plasma studio



the team at plasma studio generates its house H beginning with a simple geometric volume, initially informed by a required height and surface area. specific segments of the volume were then substracted to accommodate interior program. these moments include a covered space for parking, balconies protected from the weather, and terraces along the uppermost level which introduce light into the house. while achieving the maximum permitted volume, the size of the building is reduced and designed with a compact, optimized internal circulation.

plasma studio house H



making the most efficient use of the space, plasma studio divides house H into two dwellings. the main house, used by the family of the client, is organized across three levels. the entry level hosts the bedrooms, while the lower level hosts the living area and kitchen with access to the garden with secondary rooms in the basement. a small attic is programmed with a second apartment, which enjoys spacious terraces resulting from the volumetric removal. in the choice of materials of its house H, plasma studio follows the philosophy of reduction, applying this strategy throughout the entire building. the roof and exterior walls are finished with one single material of white cedar shingles — a traditional local material system with exceptional resistance to weathering. initially pearl-colored, this finish will weather over time to become a uniform light grey.

plasma studio house H

plasma studio house H plasma studio house H plasma studio house H plasma studio house H plasma studio house H plasma studio house H plasma studio house H



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project info:


project title: house H

architecture: plasma studio

location: santa maria, dobbiaco, italy

photography: holger kehne