leveraging on virtual reality, architecture firm POINT conceived its first solo exhibition ‘poetic pragmatism’ at the danish architecture center. the firm used virtual reality to engage the users within the project, and at the same time projecting what the users saw in the head-set onto a spatial textile installation.


all images © teis bruno

material synergies between the exhibition space and the textile installation



the designers, studio POINT is a copenhagen based architectural studio founded in 2013 by danish architects laust sørensen and michael droob. the studio is focused on digital design and fabrication tools such as VR and 3D printing and aims to create durable, aesthetically pleasing projects that evoke positive feelings in the users. in their debut solo exhibition, they included a VR experience, displayed other office projects, created a textile installation, and showcased a 3D printer.

virtual and physical space exploration by the user



the installation aimed to turn an otherwise introverted activity such as a VR experience, into an extroverted experience. the firm selected various projects to display in VR, one of them being the installation itself. this way the visitor could experience the possibilities and the limitations of VR by comparing the virtual to the real world.

the installation invites users to explore an augmented tactility with the use of VR headset within a semi-virtual semi-physical context



the installation took place from november 8h-29th at BLOX, a new public building designed by OMA in the center of copenhagen. the installation, with soft materials and an ephemeral aesthetic contrasts with the angular, metal staircase gallery at BLOX. the designers said that ‘as an architectural studio, we understand the value that VR tools can bring in terms of freedom both as a sketching tool, allowing designers to explore, test and experiment and as a proposing tool, connecting clients to the design process in exciting new ways. in order to operate in this virtual scene it is urgent to deploy new architectural skills and design protocols. both formats, virtual and real, work with the sensorial experience in order to amplify people’s daily life. under this scope we aim to redefine the rules that VR imposes and think about traditional architecture as something more than mere representation.’

selected projects by POINT on housing, refurbishment, urban and landscape design, as part of the exhibition

”flowerhouse”, a research project currently developed by POINT on new typologies for a summerhouse

a view of ‘poetic pragmatism’

diagram of the exhibition setup



project info:


project name: poetic pragmatism

architecture firm: point

contact email: [email protected]

completion year: 2018

built area: 70 m2 project

location: https://goo.gl/maps/7w9cgvhutex

photographer: teis bruno

team: michael droob, jesper laust sørensen, alexandros memetzidis, vasiliki fragkia, catarina gonçalves

manufacturers / products kvadrat: curtain for installation (61% linen, 39% cotton)

unreal engine: vr headset and installation



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edited by: cristina gomez | designboom