polestar builds KOJA treehouse in forested finland to reimagine sustainable travel

polestar builds KOJA treehouse in forested finland to reimagine sustainable travel

design contest submission ‘koja’ brought to life


The team at Polestar ventures away from high-performance electric cars and into the architecture world with this KOJA treehouse, envisioned by Finnish concept designer Kristian Talvitie. The project — first a conceptual competition entry — had been awarded honorable mention in the 2021 Polestar Design Contest which was held under the theme of ‘progress.’


Now, Polestar has brought to life the treetop micro-dwelling as a fully built structure. KOJA is on display among the forests outside the village of Fiskars, Finland.

Polestar KOJA treehouseimages courtesy Polestar | @polestardesigncommunity



polestar teams with concept designer for sustainable travel


The KOJA treehouse marks the first Polestar Design Contest submission to be realized in full-scale. Envisioned as a ‘micro space,’ the project is designed by Kristian Talvitie with the spirit of progress and sustainability. The designer aims to ‘redefine sustainable travel by reducing the need for travel in the first place,’ all while bringing visitors closer to nature.


The completed structure has been built with the use of sustainable materials including locally-sourced wood and wool. Keeping in mind the design language of the Swedish automotive brand, the tiny dwelling seems to at once respect its natural surroundings, and stand as a contemporary contrast. Actually, the word takes its name from the Swedish work koja, which means ‘hut’ or ‘den.’ The team at Polestar further explains the term to define a minimalistic building, realized in sustainable materials, that provides an immersive nature experience.


Most designers look at design from a user perspective,’ comments Kristian Talvitie. ‘I also look at things from the environment’s perspective. There should be a symbiosis between the design and where it’s encountered.’

Polestar KOJA treehouse



the design of the koja treehouse


The structure of the Polestar-built KOJA treehouse envelops a tree trunk so as to take support from the tree without harming it. Kristian Talvitie designed a panoramic glazed facade to wrap the minimalistic interiors so that visitors are immersed in the lush, wooded environment amongst the trees. Meanwhile, the space is enclosed by a skylight which allows sunlight to filter through the leafy canopy and ensure a luminous atmosphere.


Head of Design at Polestar Maximilian Missoni praises Talvitie, commenting: ‘We were fascinated by the idea and how it translates our brand values into a different environment. That was key for us, and we were so impressed that we decided to build it.

Polestar KOJA treehouse



now on view in fiskars, finland


Polestar builds Kristian Talvitie’s KOJA treehouse in the Finnish village as part of the ‘House by an Architect’ exhibition during the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale (see here). The event will be open from May to September 2022.


The automotive brand has brought to life the KOJA treehouse ahead of its 2022 contest. The Polestar Design Contest is an annual global competition that invites both professional and student designers to propose innovative and positive change in society. The 2022 Polestar Design Contest will be launched in July.

Polestar KOJA treehouse


Polestar KOJA treehouse

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