mexico-based design studio pérez palacios arquitectos asociados (PPAA) presents its latest residential project entitled lluvia. the single family home is located in jardines del pedregal, a neighborhood to the south of mexico city. while the house is situated within a developed, residential area, one of the main qualities of the plot is the lush, natural vegetation in the rear which became an important asset in the architectural scheme.

ppaa lluvia
all images by rafael gamo



PPAA’s lluvia house is conceived as a solid volume that incorporates subtractions along the main axis. each removed volume is expressed spatially as a small courtyard or double height space depending on its program. the studio’s primary intention is to combine fragments of the main forest-like garden with the interior of the house and to allow in natural sunlight.

ppaa lluvia ppaa lluvia

ppaa lluviappaa lluvia ppaa lluvia ppaa lluvia ppaa lluvia ppaa lluvia  ppaa lluvia ppaa lluvia



project info:


project title: lluvia

architecture: pérez palacios arquitectos asociados (PPAA)

location: jardines del pedregal, mexico city

project year: 2019

photography: rafael gamo