pérez palacios arquitectos asociados (PPAA) constructs a residential project situated among the picturesque, forested landscape south of mexico city. entitled ‘tlalpuente,’ the project — characterized by its geometric volume and austere materiality of concrete and brushed black finish — serves as an investigation by PPAA into the relationship between the house and its natural surroundings. as it is nestled without neighbors along the sloping topography in the middle of the forest known by the same name, the house offers residents a panoramic perspective over the densely vegetated site.

PPAA tlalpuente
all images by rafael gamo



the architectural concept which drove the design of tlalpuente by pérez palacios arquitectos asociados (PPAA) addresses the idea of an open plan over a basement on natural terrain. this concept is formally translated as an intersection of simple geometry and an exposed structure that defines the spaces of the interior. the design team organized the house as a grid which generates three main voids subtracted from the volume. each has a specific purpose that compliments the interior space, views, and terraces. the team worked to establish a dialogue between the forested environment, the house, and its structure. 

PPAA tlalpuente



PPAA organizes tlalpuente as an outward looking geometry, emphasizing both privacy from and an embrace of its surroundings. while the volume is finished in more brutal materials, the design team softens the atmosphere with wooden detailing. this is expressed at the entrance gate and doors, comprised of rhythmic vertical slats, as well as the exposed joists and window framing which serve to boldly interrupt the minimal white interiors.

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project info:


project title: tlalpuente

architecture: pérez palacios arquitectos asociados (PPAA)

location: mexico

design team: pablo pérez palacios + alfonso de la concha rojas, miguel vargas, blas treviño, claudia cortés, enrique villegas, lucía bosch

photography: rafael gamo