‘kagome’ by PPAG & simon oberhammer + stefanie mayer, vienna, austria all images courtesy of PPAG & simon oberhammer + stefanie mayer




austrian practice PPAG has collaborated with simon oberhammer and stefanie mayer to create ‘kagome’, a playground within the museums quarter of vienna. formed with 120 live willow saplings, a bulbous form is created by bending the rooted plants and securing them in place with rings of a woven raffia of wood. initially 5 meters tall with a 4 centimeter diameter, the vegetation is rooted within a central humus bag. watering hoses are integrated into the base beneath a top layer of sand.


temporary steel rings were used during construction phase and removed upon completion for a structure formed only with natural elements. the construct will continue to grow throughout the summer, shading its visitors with the expanding foliage.

PPAG: kagome

PPAG: kagome upward view of willow sapling structure and circular opening

PPAG: kagome wooden ring secures the curved saplings in place

PPAG: kagome section detail 1. grazing 2. sand 3. earth 4. geotextile 5. perforated tube 6. integration of horizontal feed 7. temporary steel ring for construction 11. wood ring