‘randerscheinung’ by prechteck, kassel, germany all images courtesy of prechteck

vienna-based prechteck has created ‘randerscheinung’, a modular pavilion proposal for the 13th documenta 2012 to take place in kassel, germany. the linear form integrates a roof structure which accommodates seating for transient visitors. held every five years, the event’s cyclical existence called for a temporary building which may be easily disassembled and relocated to another site. capable of housing different functions, each section may stand alone but heighten the experience when joined to their neighboring units. the individual units can be distributed to various german cities during off years to serve as information booths for the next exhibition.

prechteck: randerscheinung sloped surfaces for outdoor seating

the sedentary landscape is comprised of a truss system placed at 30 degree angles, turning wall and roof panels into an ideal location for staircases and surfaces for sitting. the pavilion will become a meeting place for the public and house a concert hall and lecture hall along with reading and relaxing areas. the unique articulation intends to be an interpretation of documenta’s personality and a metaphorical image describing its historical, political and artistic alteration over time. keeping the pavilion to the sidelines of the site in between the city and the event’s plot, the wooden construct relates to the surrounding cityscape. stretching in the horizontal plane creates an atmosphere of togetherness with open access for all.

prechteck: randerscheinung lobby

prechteck: randerscheinung lecture hall

prechteck: randerscheinung ramp for wheelchair access to 2nd floor

prechteck: randerscheinung history of documenta exhibition

prechteck: randerscheinung infobooth for documenta

prechteck: randerscheinung at night

prechteck: randerscheinung aerial view

prechteck: randerscheinung floor plan

prechteck: randerscheinung section

prechteck: randerscheinung section

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