presledek installs floating brass + thread structure to create exhibition path
all images © ana gregoric + luka bratasevec




for an exhibition at the national museum of slovenia in ljubljana, presledek design collective aimed to encourage visitors to actively participate in the viewing of the pieces by guiding them through a series of different ambiences. the layout plan was based on the delineation or creation of several smaller areas inside a big space. to access these new rooms you just have to follow a path, similar to the one we use when we move between larger rooms through narrow corridors in a residential apartment.


video © presledek




in order to generate this journey, a floating division that gives an impression of lightness and transparency was created to form the walls, rooms and corridors. the structure is made of a solid brass profile with black threads used as filling, alluding one of the first methods by which clay vessels shown on the exhibition were decorated: thread was imprinted into the fresh material, imprinting an ornamental texture.

the layout aims to encourage concentrated participation on the part of the viewer




the design of the exhibition prevents the viewer from rushing uninterested through its content and missing out on the historical insight it offers. it encourages the user to walk through a determined path that leads into discrete ambiances, enabling an up-close view of important porcelain objects while dividing a space with a non-permanent structure that acts as an installation itself.

the walls float above the floor and give the impression of lightness and transparency

the viewer is guided through a series of different ambiences

detail view

the walls consist of solid brass profiles and use black threads as filling

corners are done out of curved brass profiles 

the use of thread alludes to one of the first methods by which clay vessels were decorated

floorplan of the exhibition space and layout 


concept sketch 


project info:


authors: presledek.

project team: 
vid zabel, barbara žunkovič

ana gregorič and luka brataševec

simon gašparovič
national museum of slovenia ljubljana, slovenia

completion date: 

interior design, exhibition layout

national museum of slovenia
450 m2



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom