tokyo mode aerial perspective

‘tokyo mode’ is a proposed architectural entry by prop studio for a fashion museum in toyko’s omotesando district. the design was submitted as part of an international architecture competition hosted by arquitectum. according to prop, fashion in its purest form has always been about more than simply dressing the body. it gives shape and expression to the human form. it allows humans to protect their inner self to the outside world and characterizes the essence of a given moment in time. similarly, prop’s design approach to ‘tokyo mode’ looks at architecture as a progressive vision of the future while still referencing the common traditions of the past. the structure aspires to provide an introspective for visitors to contemplate how fashion has shaped humanity in the 21 century. the building is divided into rotary levels that sit over top of each in an undulating fashion. each floor houses a thematic fashion collections from past eras ranging from the 1920s to our contemporary period. complimented with a skybar, the open terrace overlooks a fashion runway on the level below it.

prop: tokyo mode detail of terrace

prop: tokyo mode street view

prop: tokyo mode street view

prop: tokyo mode

prop: tokyo mode building section

prop: tokyo mode concept diagram

prop: tokyo mode left to right: ground floor, exhibition levels, runway levels

prop: tokyo mode site plan