‘the city + the arch + the river’ proposal of the PWP team

PWP landscape architecture, foster + partners, and civitas are a team who are one of the five finalists in ‘the city + the arch + the river’ competition to invigorate the park and areas surrounding the gateway arch, including the missouri and illinois banks of the mississippi river. by designing people into the park and preserving this famous monument to westward expansion, the national park service and the competition’s other sponsors seek to create a national model for urban parks.

the PWP team are committed to a seamless integration of architecture, landscape, and urban design that will respect the eero saarinen- and dan kiley-designed arch and grounds while re-imagining the visitor experience, re-engaging the memorial with its natural and built environment, and elevating the meaning and performance of the landscape. their team includes specialists and experts who combine skill, local knowledge, and a deep understanding of history.

they have approached the competition as a research project, investigating the many natural and cultural layers of the site as an artifact, as a place, and as a memorial.

PWP team: the city + the arch + the river prairie forest view

PWP team: the city + the arch + the river engaging the river and eastbank

PWP team: the city + the arch + the river the bluff’s view

PWP team: the city + the arch + the river site plan

the PWP, foster, civitas team also brings the sustainable-site-systems and structural engineering prowess of buro happold, the graphic artistry of 2×4, inc., the venue programming intelligence of lord cultural resources, and the public-art experience of ned kahn studios, along with the skills of many other talented experts. in st. louis, the team includes mackey mitchell architects, cole & associates civil engineers, vector communications, washington university professor dorothée imbert, cbb transportation engineers, m3 engineering group, and code consultants, inc.