qpdro curates tadao ando-inspired 'zhuilife home' for a young couple in hangzhou

qpdro curates tadao ando-inspired 'zhuilife home' for a young couple in hangzhou

Zhuilife Home: A Serene retreat for a Modern Couple


In the scenic city of Hangzhou, this newly completed Zhuilife Home stands as the result of a close collaboration between architects qpdro and its clients, a young couple named Zhui zhui and Bao Liang. Having experienced the fast-paced ‘996’ work culture — which requires that employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, six days per week. — the pair hoped their new dwelling would become a tranquil retreat away from the world. This 210-square-meter three-story residence, located near the Liangzhu Cultural Village, was renovated to reflect the couple’s hobbies and love for exposed concrete in modern design.

qpdro zhuilife homeimages courtesy qpdro



Embracing the ‘Ideal Life’ in hangzhou


The hardworking young couple employed Hangzhou-based design studio qpdro in the renovation of its Zhuilife Home. The pair was on a quest for an ideal life in the Chinese city where they found a sense of familiarity with the surrounding green mountains and waters. Their previous homes were small and limited in storage, leaving room only for sleep after a long day. Enamored by the geometrically cut attic atop the three-story structure, Zhui Zhui and Bao Liang saw potential in this rough house. From the terrace on the first floor, a postcard view of distant mountains and lush greenery formed a natural frame.

qpdro zhuilife homethe existing house is reorganized with an open, uncluttered floor plan



qpdro shapes ‘quiet’ interiors inspired by tadao ando


Entrusting the Zhuilife Home renovation to design studio qpdro, whose philosophy aligned perfectly with their own, Zhui Zhui and Bao Liang sought a ‘quiet’ aesthetic. The couple hoped to recreate the atmosphere of a Tadao Ando-designed hotel they’d once visited and liked very much. Namely, they wished to incorporate elements of exposed concrete, a material for which the renowned Japanese architect is known. What’s more, as ardent coffee and tea enthusiasts with a large collection of ceramic cups, the couple hoped to integrate these cherished items as part of the home’s decorative elements.

qpdro zhuilife home
a dedicated coffee bar is fronted by an island of exposed concrete



reorganizing the existing floor plan


Led by qpdro, the Zhuilife Home renovation took place in two stages, focusing on the programmatic organization of the three-story house and ensuring the seamless fusion of diverse materials. The first step involved redefining the spatial arrangement to cater to Zhui Zhui and Bao Liang’s needs. Rejecting the traditional approach of dividing the house into numerous rooms, the couple opted for an open living and dining area on the first floor, promoting a decentralized layout.


Adjoining the stairs is a designated coffee bar, backdropped by an entire wall which displays their treasured ceramic cup collection. The second floor accommodates a private master bedroom and a guest bedroom, ensuring privacy and comfort. Finally, the attic on the third floor hosts an introverted sanctuary comprising a tea room and study for leisurely activities such as sipping tea and reading.

qpdro zhuilife homeopen shelving allows the couple to display their collection of ceramic cups



a material palette of concrete, terrazzo, and wood


To achieve a harmonious and cohesive design, the team at qpdro carefully selected materials that complement each other. Exposed concrete adorns most of the walls, creating a quiet base tone for the interiors. As visitors ascend the stairs, the concrete gracefully merges with white terrazzo and marble, adding depth and layers to the space. The living room showcases a collage of concrete walls with wooden and medieval-style furniture, fronted by a cement island in the coffee area. The bedroom, washed in white, evokes a serene, spacious atmosphere by reducing excessive decoration and inviting a flood of natural light.

qpdro zhuilife homethe angular ceiling in the attic is washed in white for a spacious, minimalist atmosphere


excessive decoration is minimized across all spaces of the three-level home

qpdro zhuilife homemultiple areas are designated for both coffee and tea making


the sunlit bedroom evokes a serene and spacious ambiance


floor plan
floor plan
section perspective
section perspective
roof section
roof section

project info:


project title: Zhuilife Home

architecture: qpdro

location: Hangzhou, China

design team: Lin Shiming, Li Xia

completion: March 2023

photography: courtesy qpdro

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