TNT, 2003 – 2004, materials: 1987 renault espace, paint and vinyl plotted signing

from 2003 – 2004 the dutch artists florentijn hofman carried out two projects that ‘questioned, as well as
proved the power of a logo in public space
‘. basically he modified his standard vans into courier van’s:

I transformed my first van into a courier van, by copying the fleet marking of TNT logistics & mail.
using the van was a performance on an almost daily basis, which started when I went on the road:
I greet my ‘colleagues’, and I parked the car as real couriers do. although I never payed any parking fee
and didn’t had a parking licence, I never got fined for doing so.‘ FH

hofman later carried out the same exercise with another van transforming it into a DHL van.

questioning the power of a logo in public space DHL, 2004 – materials: 1988 renault traffic, car paint and vinyl plotted signingflorentijn hofman: