RAMA estudio's rammed-earth yoga studio is a wellness oasis in ecuador

RAMA estudio's rammed-earth yoga studio is a wellness oasis in ecuador

Ágape productive housing


Located in Tumbaco, Ecuador, the recently completed Ágape Productive Housing by RAMA Estudio is a unique mixed-use timber building that blends therapeutic workspaces with a private residence. Designed for Ágape Colectivo, a center for body and mind development founded by a yoga and therapeutic theater specialist, the project offers a sustainable and adaptable solution. The design prioritizes a car-free environment. A setback rammed earth enclosure creates a fully pedestrian space upon entering the site, enhancing security and allowing for natural landscaping to flourish within the property.

rama estudio ágapeimages © JAG Studio



the rammed-earth building and transparent facade


The heart of RAMA Estudio‘s Ágape Productive Housing is a new timber and rammed-earth building. Featuring a transparent and permeable facade, this structure opens onto a central courtyard to promote a sense of openness and calm. The ground floor is dedicated to public areas. A spacious multipurpose room caters to a variety of uses, including yoga, theater performances, and even concerts. A centrally located bathroom area caters to guests, while a dedicated therapeutic arts room provides a space for creative expression through sculpture and painting. Upstairs, a private apartment with a studio and balcony offers a haven for the founder of Ágape Colectivo.

rama estudio ágape
Ágape Productive Housing in Ecuador blends work and living spaces



structure inspired by basket weaving


Designing the structure of its Ágape Productive Housing, the architects at RAMA Estudio employ an innovative take on traditional basket weaving. The main facade is comprised of a series of slender triangles built with laminated wood beams. These prefabricated elements are then assembled on-site and mounted on a metal strip foundation. This approach protects the underlying rammed earth walls and wood from moisture while allowing for outward views even when lying on the floor of the multipurpose room below.

rama estudio ágape
designed for a yoga and therapeutic theater center, the project prioritizes a car-free environment



RAMA Estudio emphasizes the project’s commitment to accessible vernacular construction systems. The bahareque technique, a traditional earth construction method, is modernized through the use of mortar projection guns and compressors. This allows for efficient application of the earth mix while maintaining the artisanal character through hand-finished details. Local craftsmanship is further celebrated throughout the project. Artisans created special details and pieces, including metalwork like doorknobs and handles, ceramic and wooden sinks, carpentry elements, and even rice paper accents.

rama estudio ágape
timber and earth construction with a transparent facade creates a connection to the central courtyard



The project prioritizes the well-being of its occupants. The choice of construction systems, materials, ventilation strategies, natural and artificial lighting, and even the building’s placement on the lot were all strategically considered to create a comfortable and functional environment. The breathable earth walls and strategically designed facade structure provide natural ventilation and shading, further enhancing user experience.

RAMA estudio's rammed-earth yoga studio is a wellness oasis in ecuador
the ground floor features a multipurpose room, bathroom area, and a therapeutic arts room


upstairs, a private apartment offers a retreat for the founder

RAMA estudio's rammed-earth yoga studio is a wellness oasis in ecuador
the building prioritizes user experience with natural ventilation and lighting


sustainable features include rainwater collection and a bio-digester for wastewater treatment

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