in the heart of rubielos de mora, an award wining village in valencia, architect ramon esteve has renovated a home that fuses the skeleton of a traditional home in the old quarter neighborhood with modern elements.
ramón esteve captures an award winning spanish village with this renovated home
the façade uses traditional materials and colors to continue the old districts theme
all images by mariela apollonio



the style, materials and colors of the home, resemble elements of the surrounding buildings in the neighborhood. utilizing the practice of vernacular architecture, which emphasizes local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions, ramón esteve integrates the village’s rich history through a noticeable exterior façade. 
ramón esteve captures an award winning spanish village with this renovated home
the ground floor is designed as a plinth opening to the street



since the home is situated in the old quarter of the village, the architects had to follow the neighborhood’s guidelines. thus the historical façades and the party wall are aligned to each other, with a drastic ‘private universe‘ opening up in the interior core of the house through a courtyard.
ramón esteve captures an award winning spanish village with this renovated home
the façade continues into the home 



there are three floors to this home that takes an L-shape. the ground floor provides access to the street and to the wine cellar, wood stores but the courtyard is open to the first and second floors through daytime rooms and a solar lounge terrace.roman esteve
the wood material in the home and façade outdoors, bridges history with modernityroman esteve
the ground floor allows a seamless transition outdoorsroman esteve
the courtyard provides a private and unique area to the award winning villageroman esteve
the solar terraces are present on the second floor with views of the courtyardroman esteve
the ground floor has a separate dining room and living roomroman esteve
the illuminated staircase offers access to the multiple layers of this homeroman esteve
the second floor has the living quarters and other relaxing areas roman esteve
the bedroom continues with a common wood themeroman esteve
the bathroom sports views of the beautiful old sector of the villageroman esteve
although the home continues with the guidelines of the neighborhood, the façade allows it to stand out roman esteve
rubielos de mora or ‘the gate of aragón,’ received the europa nostra award in 1983



project info:


location: rubielos de mora, valencia, spain
completion year: 2018
area: 641,07 sqm
architect: ramón esteve
constructor: covisal futur sl