raymond boedi renovated this house in indonesia with the sole purpose of emphasizing energy savings during daylight and cozy living at night by filling it with multiple voids. the design is a playful but bold attempt at minimal living where everything is carefully thought to cater to the needs of the dwellers. the designers focused on details and took into account everything needed in order to create a sustainable design.

the importance of voids 1
images by saputra hendy



raymond boedi placed a series of multiple openings in various locations in the house, purposively hidden at first sight to trigger interests and curiosities. starting from a simple line and altogether, they transform into varying sizes and shapes. with a hint of nature’s greatest source of life – light, they form a perfectly balanced architecture.

the importance of voids 2



thereafter, an extensive hallway follows along to lead the dwellers into different scenes of this house, where comfort and design work in conjunction. with some structural elements preserved, changes are required in order to evoke the sense of spaciousness inside the space. building levelings and glass skylights played a crucial part in creating the whole atmosphere of the residence.





the voids and the absence of solid floor slabs have resulted in more optimized lightings and visual connections between spaces that are not physically connected. the floor slabs are altered into galvanized grating plates and thus natural lighting can be further emphasized, acting as a time indicator so that the residents can enjoy the passing of days and nights.

the importance of voids 3



the main materials selected are concrete and timber, and they work harmoniously with the neutral color palette to create tranquility inside the space. the characteristic of each chosen material makes the house come together as a whole. every drawn line is always connected just like the undisclosed connection between the house and its dwellers, always completing and protecting each other.

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project info:


name: house of light voids

designer: raymond boedi

location: taman polonia medan, indonesia


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