the conceptual extension and refurbishment of the ‘cyprus college of art’ is a fitting project for decentralized studio RE: architecture. both school and firm were founded on unconventional thought, providing a necessary escape from the at times confining nature of institutional understanding and approach.

RE architecture concept cyprus college art
‘cyprus college of art’ designed by RE: architecture 
images © RE: architecture




in keeping with the school’s informal nature, architectural design is conceived not as new, but as continuation. organic, evolving, RE: architecture offers an emancipated environment where visiting artists can truly surpass the limitations of day-to-day production. the ‘cyprus college of art’ retains its localized feel, with additions subtle and bearing an expressive quality like that of the individuals it hosts.

RE architecture concept cyprus college art
a ‘lemba’ wall dips and weaves through the site, offering a blank canvas for artist intervention

RE: architecture preserves informality in cyprus college of art refurbishment concept
residential buildings

RE architecture concept cyprus college art
artists’ studio interior

east elevation 

RE architecture concept cyprus college art
west elevation

art school plan

residential plan

site plan



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edited by: nick brink | designboom