‘k house’ is a primitive, quiet haven in crowded hochiminh 


‘K house’ by rear studio is a new housing project situated in vietnam’s crowded hochiminh city. defined by an all-gray facade and a dome-shaped ground floor, the dwelling evokes a primitive yet modern space punctuated by natural light, voids, plenty of greenery, and a quiet atmosphere. the project was completed in 2021 and spans 204 sqm.

k house by rear studio 8
view of the all-gray facade



using gentle contrasts and carefully designed voids 


rear studio (see more here) completed the three-story ‘K house’ with gentle contrasts. to start, the ground floor’s domed entrance welcomes owners and guests into a private garden elevated by a single skylight carved from the thick gray ceiling. complementing the inner garden are four spaces holding a garage, living room, kitchen, and dining room. meanwhile, the second and third floors feature white-toned bedrooms and a common room. in contrast with the ground floor, both these levels introduce plenty more daylight into the house. 


finally, for greater spatial cohesion, the architects resorted to carefully designed voids that interlock the house’s different functional spaces, both horizontally and vertically, and introduce natural lighting across all levels. 

k house by rear studio 10
view from the living room to the main door

k house by rear studio 2
inner garden designed as the highlight of the ground floor

k house by rear studio 9
the ground floor combines kitchen and dining room

k house by rear studio 6
vertical void connects all levels and brings in ample daylight

k house by rear studio 3
flip windows are used to prevent rainwater from entering the house

k house by rear studio 12
staircase filled with natural light

k house by rear studio 7
facade and domed entrance at evening time






project info:


name: k house

area: 204 sqm

year: 2021
architecture: rear studio 

location: hochiminh, vietnam

team: ho quoc dan, nguyen anh viet, lu nguyen y xuan
contracting: nguyen hung cons, luu’s atelier, ori lighting

photography: quang dam



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom