rem koolhaas elaborates on fundamentals theme for venice architecture biennale
image courtesy of la biennale di venezia




more information has been released regarding the 14th edition of venice’s international architecture biennale curated by renowned architect and theorist rem koolhaas. the event – entitled ‘fundamentals’ – will feature 65 national participants in the historical pavilions of the giardini and the arsenale in the italian city’s historic center.


fundamentals will host three primary events – ‘absorbing modernity 1914-2014’, ‘elements of architecture’ and ‘monditalia’, designed to shed light on both the past and future of architecture. koolhaas states that ‘after several biennials devoted to the celebration of the contemporary, fundamentals will focus on the story, with the intent to investigate the current state of architecture, and to  imagine its future’.


‘absorbing modernity 1914-2014’ is an invitation to each participating country to showcase the dissolution of national characteristics, as a singular universal design language is gradually adopted. ‘the transition to what seems to be a universal architectural language is a more complex process than is usually recognized, since it involves significant encounters between cultures, inventions, techniques and ways imperceptible to remain ‘national”,  expands koolhaas.


at the central pavilion, ‘elements of architecture’ will focus on the underlying and ever-present elements of construction such as floors, walls, roofs, doors and windows.


finally, ‘monditalia’ responds to the specific theme of italy, with exhibitions, performances and events that will affect the architecture, politics, economics, religion, technology and industry. other areas of the biennale – cinema, dance, music and theater – will be involved in assisting the representation of each country. this year ‘meetings on architecture’ will enrich the ‘weekend specials’ program, conceived as an integral part of the event.


for the fifth successive year, ‘biennale sessions’ is aimed at universities, academies of fine arts, research and training institutions, visual arts and other related fields. the project aims to facilitate the visit of the exhibition for groups of students and teachers. the space will be made ​​available free of charge from the biennale.


rem koolhaas will give life to a great research on the architecture biennale’, commented paolo baratta president of the exhibition, ‘rem has thought of a project that involves the whole biennale, and that enhances its full potential’.


the exhibition will be open to the public from june 7th to november 23, 2014.

rem koolhaas fundamentals venice architecture biennale 2014 designboom
image courtesy of la biennale di venezia