architecture studio REM’A carves into the landscape outside guimarães, portugal with its latest residential project, casa A. the outskirts of the historic city which host the project are characterized both by densely built neighborhoods and a picturesque, rolling landscape. within this context, the design team at REM’A makes use of bold geometric cuts and volumes subtracted from the earth to integrate the lush plant life and rocky terrain and simultaneously offer a quiet retreat from the neighboring buildings.

rema casa a
all images by ivo tavares studio



casa A by REM’A is designed to directly address its surrounding context so as to both negotiate the dramatic topography and open up the interiors while maintaining an element of privacy. split into two floors, the design team makes use of open-air ‘gaps and yards’ which are applied either within the house’s interior or outward along its exterior, according to the private or social nature of the program. for social areas these yards allow serve to obscure the boundaries between inside and out, expanding the space with full height sliding windows.

rema casa a



REM’A penetrates the private interior spaces of casa A with these open-air gaps, conditions resulting from a single subtracted volume. the boundaries of these gaps are defined by a retaining wall can be closed off to control natural light and visual connection with the surroundings. the subtracted volume’s boundary is generated from the rotated footprint of the house. the monolith of the house is finished in a diagonal grey wood siding which blends with the accompanying concrete in a constant chromatic mutation.

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project info:


project title: casa A

architecture: REM’A

design team: romeu ribeiro, josé pedro marques

collaborator: andré novais

engineering: fortunato & paulo, engenharia

construction: construções bairro do sol, LDA

location: guimarães, portugal

completion year: 2019

photographer: ivo tavares studio