berlin-based studio JWA proposes the revitalization of an historic carriage house and workshop into its shared workspace, REMISE. located in the prenzlauer berg district along the german capital’s immanuelkirchstraße, the project is to occupy an existing heritage building which had been erected over one hundred years ago. since the late eighteen hundreds, nearly the entire structure has remained intact, both in its construction and its organization — the front and back programmed for living space alongside the workshop, which served its resident artisans. the diversity of its occupants introduced an exciting vibrancy.

jwa berlin remise
images by simon menges



together with architect ralf wilkening, JWA berlin envisions REMISE with respect for the community atmosphere of the original workshop. over time, the building had been occupied by such artisans as carpenters, saddlers, locksmiths, printers, bakers — many of the necessities for life were manufactured on-the-spot. although the apartments remain, the trades have long disappeared, replaced by more contemporary creators such as graphic designers, programmers, and planners. the design team comments: ‘the idea of a multi-use urban environment has finally reappeared again.’

jwa berlin remise



in the organization of its REMISE workspace, JWA berlin introduces four office spaces, each of which spans one floor and is further subdivided with partitions. while natural sunlight floods the interior through a large glass facade, the team sets back the full height windows to create small balconies. the structure is designed to be built of reinforced concrete and wood, benefitting from the qualities of both materials. interior walls are imagined with exposed concrete, while individual offices express light timber framing and glass. prefabricated, wooden ceiling beams sit in the recesses of the concrete walls with construction details that are celebrated and visible from the interior. 

jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise jwa berlin remise



project info: 


project title: REMISE

architecture: jan wiese architekten (JWA) with ralf wilkening architect

location: immanuelkirchstraße, berlin, germany

status: completed

images: simon menges