a year and eight months after the collapse of genoa’s ‘morandi bridge’, work on a rebuilt structure is nearing completion. following the tragic event in august 2018, italian architect renzo piano donated a replacement design, which he described as ‘simple’ and ‘sober’. now, after almost daily construction work on site, and against the backdrop of a pandemic, the bridge’s deck is now complete.

renzo piano genoa bridge
image courtesy of PERGENOVA



renzo piano and his team designed the bridge with a continuous deck extending 1,067 meters (3,500 ft) with 19 spans. 18 elliptical piers of reinforced concrete have been positioned at 50 meter (164 ft) increments, although because of the location on the river and the railway below, two of these piers are 100 meters (328 ft) apart. on april 28, 2020, PERGENOVA — the company established by fincantieri and salini impregilo to design and build the new crossing — announced the completion of the bridge’s deck.

renzo piano genoa bridgeimage courtesy of PERGENOVA



the new bridge will eventually be joined by a park conceived by a team comprising stefano boeri architetti, metrogramma milano, and inside outside. connecting the two sides of the valley, a red steel circle forms a pathway for bikes and pedestrians, and is even equipped with a wind tower for the production and distribution of renewable energy. work will continue with the new bridge hoping to open to traffic in july 2020. live webcam feeds of the site can be seen here.

renzo piano genoa bridge
image courtesy of regione liguria

deck of renzo piano's genoa bridge completes in italy
image courtesy of regione liguria


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genoa bridge
a new park has been designed for the area below the bridge | read more here
image © the big picture, courtesy of stefano boeri architetti



project info:


name: ‘per genova’ bridge
design: renzo piano
construction: PERGENOVA (fincantieri and salini impregilo)