‘jesolo lido condominium’ is the fifth project richard meier architects has completed in italy, and extends the 2007 ‘jesolo lido village’ prominently to the adriatic coast. the site is composed of complementing high and low-density areas with several pool-side villas and the luxury high rise respectively. an open entrance plaza — seen here in photographs by roland halbe — allows both components to have views of the sea. though divided by a road, the projects are connected by the language of a white palette and crisp lines of the brise soleil. 

richard meier architects: jesolo lido condominium completethe language of the 10-storey condominium and its open entry plaza tie it into the village fabric of jesolo lido villagephoto © roland halbe



the beach-front high rise doubles as a resort and luxury residence consisting of 47 apartments, and 5 penthouses with their own pool. the solid core of apartments is enlightened by expansive glass facades wrapped with a rhythmic pattern of terraces and sunshades. at the ground level, a series of pools and patios link the edifice to the sea. find our documentation of richard meier’s design and construction development here.


‘we first began working in jesolo, italy, while designing the jesolo lido village ten years ago, and we have worked together with our client to design a beachfront destination on the adriatic coast. the condominium is a building that contributes to the life of the master plan and takes advantage of the site and the local climate. every unit has been carefully designed taking in consideration the public areas, the beach and natural light’ says meier.

as in the village, this project is a composition of volumes and voids, with a brise-soleil system that runs continuously along the east and west elevations. at dawn and dusk light will filter through the voids between the residential modules providing for particularly animated light conditions. we hope the jesolo lido condominium and the complex becomes a wonderful new living environment that is unique to the jesolo lido neighborhood.’ 

richard meier architects: jesolo lido condominium completethe high rise offers extensive coastal views to all residents

richard meier architects: jesolo lido condominium completea lattice of white louvers animates light and provides shading

richard meier architects: jesolo lido condominium completethe rhythm of solid and void ans clean lines of the louvered terraces frame views of the sea

richard meier architects: jesolo lido condominium completepools at the ground level create a spine of space for relaxation and exercise, connecting the condominiums to the shore



project info:


design principals:  richard meier, bernhard karpf

project architect:  stefan scheiber-loeis