rogers stirk harbour + partners beats foster and UNStudio to build taiwan airport terminal
images courtesy of taiwan taoyuan international airport




it has been announced that rogers stirk harbour + partners has beaten architecture practices from 13 countries to realize taiwan’s new taoyuan airport terminal three. with various recognized airport masterplans already among their portfolio, the jury praised RSH+P’s design for its innovative planning along with a streamlined design.


their dynamic design seeks to inherently enhance existing infrastructure, boost taiwan’s economy and serve the growing aviation market of east asia. the proposal will accommodate up to 45 million passengers per year, improve boarding efficiency, and establish a unique airport experience with plentiful mixed-use retail and commercial facilities. the fluidity of the architecture will allow for easy adaption of future airport functions without compromising the passenger experience or the building integrity.

the design will feature a undulating, wave-like roof




RSHP’s proposal remains simple in its concept. the design references taiwan’s natural landscapes, the seas surrounding it, and its rhythms of nature and life to create a series of unique interior places protected beneath a hard shell roof. inside the soft inner surface is malleable, forming the ever changing spaces below. adjustable scaling will give passengers spatial clarity in all areas; large, small, busy or quiet, to reduce stress and improve well-being and comfort.



the full competition team for T3 includes: rogers stirk harbour + partners, CECI, arup, fei & cheng associates, gillespies, the design solution, fraport, OTC planning & design and BNP sssociates.

the check-in hall / its rational plan arrangement is forecast to deliver minimum connection times of just 40 minutes

the departure hub filled with greenery

the jury said that it had been impressed with the ‘innovative planning and design’