‘wander 2.0’ is a modular and prefabricated structure, emerging as a vivid getaway cabin amid a woodland area in malinalco, mexicothe project is the result of a collaboration between wander, rojkind arquitectos, amasa estudio and TUUX and takes shape as a new way of vacationing, inviting visitors to disconnect from the city and reconnect with nature. the design includes three different types of structure, with the pyramid shape as the common axis.rojkind arquitectos assembles prefab pyramidal getaway cabins in mexicoall renders courtesy of rojkind arquitectos

images of process © diego lezama

images of presentation © jaime navarro



wander 2.0′ interior consists of living space, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom; the scheme sets the services and common areas on the ground level achieving maximum flexibility through the design of the furniture and places the private area on a mezzanine. the upper level is enclosed into the triangular roof which spans six meters in height.



‘it is time to rethink our relationship with nature and with ourselves. we are convinced that through collaboration of talents we can expand the wander experience achieving, even more, focus on design, sustainability, and community impact,’ said michel rojkind, principal of rojkind arquitectos.rojkind arquitectos assembles prefab pyramidal getaway cabins in mexico



the design allows the formulation of volumes that can stand either individually or in conjunction with other modules. the project is solved by means of an irregular hexagonal plan, symmetrical from a central axis, from which two straight walls are displaced on the sides and a rear one that allows connections with other modules. from these walls a triangular roof stands on which a central dome rests and crosses the hut at the highest point where the main façade begins, conforming a single triangular glass element that allows a panoramic view of the environment. the same pattern is repeated at different scales and with different orientations, achieving various results that can be adjusted to different terrain and climates conditions.rojkind arquitectos assembles prefab pyramidal getaway cabins in mexico

 rojkind arquitectos assembles prefab pyramidal getaway cabins in mexico






project info:


design: collaboration between wander, rojkind arquitectos, TUUX and amasa estudio 

branding: welcome branding

structure: juan felipe heredia

aluminum works: aviglass

installations: ICOTEM, MRG

renders: rojkind arquitectos

construction area:

cabin type 01: 25 sqm

cabin type 02: 47 sqm

cabin type 03: 63 sqm

design date: january 2021

status: under construction

location: malinalco, estado de méxico

photography: rojkind arquitectos



principal: santiago garcia rey

architecture: pedro berumen


rojkind arquitectos

principal: michel rojkind

office manager: andrea león

architecture: fernando mallet, delfin van peborgh, tomás adrian jerbic, magdalena jenik, diego lezama

media: paola fernández, esther achar, diego lezama



principals: paula vera-cruz, daniel romero, emiliano godoy

design: adriana escoto, jimena czitrom, santiago hernández, fernanda rangel, shaila pineda, mario reyes

workshop: carlos garcía, alan dagoberto, fuentes, adán apolinar, adrián santiago, agustín garcía, david garcía, diego cesar torres, edgar omar guerrero, josé luis jaramillo, josé rubén juárez, misael balderas, ricardo collado, saúl garcía, leonardo gómez, omar flores, edgar collado, federico martínez, cynthia velázquez

office managers: cecilia alvarado, andrea serrano


amasa estudio

principals: agustín pereyra, andrea lópez

architecture: jorge luis santiago, josé pérez

model: ezequiel sánchez, romero