roland halbe photographs tenerife island's monolithic holy redeemer church

roland halbe photographs tenerife island's monolithic holy redeemer church

holy redeemer church through the lens of roland halbe


In Tenerife Island’s vibrant neighborhood of Las Chumberas, the monumental Holy Redeemer Church emerged in 2022 with architecture by Menis Arquitectos. The locally-based team celebrated that completion of the project after over fifteen years of construction — now it stands as a monolithic concrete landmark on the Spanish Island, at once a place of worship and a catalyst for the urban transformation of Las Chumberas.

To appreciate this newly completed project, we turn to the lens of Stuttgart-based architectural photographer Roland Halbe. Halbe‘s photographs of the church highlight the dramatic and symbolic interplay of light and shadow, the raw texture of the stone blocks, and the ethereal atmosphere of the interiors. See designboom’s previous coverage here.holy redeemer church tenerifeimages © Roland Halbe | @rolandhalbe



influence from tenerife island’s geology


Menis Arquitectos’ vision for the Holy Redeemer Church was to contribute to the development of Las Chumberas and establishing it as a distinct identity within a complex urban fabric. The completed project encompasses not only the church but also a community center and a verdant square, lending a welcoming and inclusive public gathering space.

The building takes shape as an uneven assemblage of large stone modules, drawing inspiration from the geological formations of the volcanic island. These massive stone blocks, organized with an intentionally uneven rhythm, create a unique aesthetic that stands in stark contrast to the surrounding residential fabric. This influence from nature is one of the primary elements driving the project. The massive stone forms are separated by narrow crevices enclosed by metal and glass, allowing natural daylight to permeate the space.holy redeemer church tenerife
massive stone blocks and glass crevices are informed by the island’s geology



sculpting natural light


Careful planning by the team at Menis Arquitectos informed the positioning of the church’s forms to optimize sunlight penetration throughout the day. As the sun rises, light enters through a cross-shaped opening, filling the space behind the altar like a symbolic cave, infusing it with a celestial glow. At noon, the altar, confirmation area, and communion receive a generous dose of natural light through a strategically placed skylight, creating a spiritual ambiance that resonates with the congregation. Later in the evening, a poetic shaft of light is cast upon the confessional, adding a dramatic gesture to the architectural narrative.holy redeemer church tenerife
the monolithic landmark on the Spanish Island is a place of worship and a catalyst for urban transformation
holy redeemer church tenerife
the altar is illuminated by the morning sun, creating an ethereal atmosphere roland halbe photographs tenerife island's monolithic holy redeemer churchinterstitial glass crevices allow ambient sunlight to illuminate the interiors


the cross-shaped opening above the altar bathes the space in a symbolic glow

roland halbe photographs tenerife island's monolithic holy redeemer churchscreened skylights filter sunlight to create patterned shadows


the Holy Redeemer Church and its adjacent community center stand as pillars of unity in Las Chumberas



project info:


architecture: Menis Arquitectos | @menisarquitectos
location: Street Volcán Estrómboli, 3, Las Chumberas 38108, La Laguna, Tenerife Island, Spain
client: Parroquia Santísimo Redentor De Las Chumberas/diocese Of Tenerife, City Hall Of La Laguna
design team: Babak Asadi, Juan Bercedo, María Berga, Roberto Delgado, Javier Espílez, Andrés Ferrer, Niels Heinrich, Yanira León, Joanna Makowska Czerska, Paula Manzano, Natalia Pyzio, Raúl Rivera, Gerardo Rodríguez, Esther Senís, Andreas Weihnacht, Julia Zasada
structure: Juan José Gallardo
acoustics: Pedro Cerdá, I2a Acoustic & Audiovisual Engineering
HVAC: J. Oliver Oliva
© Roland Halbe | @rolandhalbe

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