‘roofray’ is a solar array modelling service and is community designed to help consumers evaluate solar for their homes or businesses. using the site’s modelling tools, consumers can estimate how much solar energy a home could capture and how that would affect their monthly bills based on past weather conditions, current power bills, the slope of their house, and how much panelling their roof can hold. one tool uses google maps to let users calculate the square footage of their roof and build virtual panels; ‘roofray’ then estimates the output potential of the roof as well as financial considerations such as costs of installation and upkeep. another section shows existing installations that have already been completed by other people, including specifics of the roof used and total peak power. the californian company hopes to create ‘roofraytings’ for buildings and provide them to real estate search engines as an indicator of the solar potential of homes or businesses for sale.

more: http://www.roofray.com — via: s archetype