roth sheppard architects frames minimalist backdrop for ajoya cannabis dispensary  
all images courtesy of robert schmid photography





denver-based roth shepherd architects has designed a retail space for cannabis dispensary ajoya, that transforms the way people experience shopping for marjuana . the white minimalist interior of ajoya’s new showroom provides a clean canvas for displaying a broad selection of cannabis products merchandised to create a welcoming aesthetic and memorable brand. the spa-like atmosphere offers a sharp contrast to the typical cluttered retail environment of the past, inviting customers to enjoy a more calming, sophisticated shopping experience. 


‘when our customers arrive, they feel like they’ve entered the future of the cannabis shopping experience. our custom built furniture, top quality products and opportunity to learn about cannabis deliver that ‘wow’ factor,’ describes CEO of ajoya shaun gindi. ‘roth sheppard architects’ design transformed our traditional cannabis shop into a model for years to come. jeff sheppard’s passionate belief in our vision, and ability to make retail brands come alive through physical space, made his firm the obvious choice. our brand and creative customer experience are beautifully expressed here and we’re very thankful.’

roth-sheppard-ajoya-cannabis-dispensary-interior-designboom-02the white minimalist interior of ajoya’s new showroom



the interior includes a main bar featuring clean lines and an undeviating glass showcase. individual customer care areas along the extended surface counter maintain an open, communal feel while providing privacy for all transactions. custom furniture, built in-house promotes a relaxed, user-friendly atmosphere and the opportunity for patrons to research and explore the numerous products offered. 


‘we were thrilled to partner with joey and shaun gindi on the task of transforming the typically overcrowded, confusing cannabis retail shopping experience in Colorado into an environment of visual and physical respite where customer care is clearly the number one priority,’ explains jeffery shepherd, design principal and co-founder of roth sheppard architects. ‘the gindis’ new ajoya showroom has accomplished exactly that due to their progressive vision and willingness to lead the way in this nascent industry still in its infancy.’ LED lighting in the ceiling is controlled by an iPhone app with the ability to change color to create different moods by season and throughout the day or night. polished concrete floors and patterned carpet tiles define the informal seating areas. ajoya’s new cannabis shop created by roth shepherd architects is located in louisville, colorado. 

roth-sheppard-ajoya-cannabis-dispensary-interior-designboom-03the main bar features clean lines and a glass showcaseroth-sheppard-ajoya-cannabis-dispensary-interior-designboom-04LED lighting in the ceiling is controlled by an iPhone app