‘block 39’ by RTA office images courtesy of RTA office

RTA-office has designed ‘block 39, centre for the science promotion’, a project that rendered them an honorable mention in the belgrade-based competition seeking proposals for the new facility. the project was conceived and developed as a joint collaboration between RTA-office’s barcelona and shanghai studios. 

located in the cultural and college area of belgrade, serbia, best known as block 39, the proposal seeks to transform the site, providing guidelines for a system that would democratize and liberate it from the strict structures of the current urban organization.

RTA office: block 39 rendering of lobby

the design was approached considering serbia as an intersection between the occidental and oriental culture. as a result, the structure adopts a cross-like form with a transparent hall in the converging space, offering visitors the possibility to choose a number of routes through the building. there are multiple access points, all of which meet in the spacious lobby. the open and continuously fluid space provides a perceptive and dynamic environment that becomes a place of knowledge for the city. temporary exhibition spaces and employee areas lie at the northeast of the building, with the bookshop at the west and the science club and permanent exhibitions to the east. accessed through the science club is a restaurant, planetarium and conference hall.

RTA office: block 39 rendering of overall exterior

RTA office: block 39 fiscal model

RTA office: block 39 fiscal model

RTA office: block 39 detail of fiscal model

RTA office: block 39 floor plan / level 0

RTA office: block 39 circulation plan a

RTA office: block 39 circulation plan b

RTA office: block 39 circulation plan c

dictated by this plan is a structure with unique volumes, shaped as an unitary whole. the body of refined and winding lines carefully balances the harmonious integration of architecture, landscape, innovation and sustainability.   the strong material expression is obtained through the use of only one material, black recycled steel, specifically chosen to wrap the structure due to its suggestive, dark texture. contrasting steel surrounds window openings, marking the intersection of interior and exterior spaces while framing specific points of interest.

RTA office: block 39 long elevation

RTA office: block 39 short elevation