ruetemple installs two-level play frame into moscow apartment attic
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tasked with transforming an uninhabitable attic into a new, usable space, ruetemple fitted out a apartment in moscow. the completed scheme has been divided into two floors featuring ample storage space, functional furniture and a playroom for the client’s children. the resulting space is dictated by the consistent use of timber which has been integrated into the steep ceiling pitch of the attic. along with the stairs, which simultaneously forms storage space, a floor-to-ceiling frame serves as a route and nook for the children which connects the lower level to their own playroom.

the brief asked for the completed space to maximize functionality and comfort with minimum decor

the apartment is based in moscow, russia

a play space has been installed for the client’s two children

the attic was previously an uninhabitable and unused space of the residence

skylights invite natural light into the loft

the staircase which connects the two levels together

the playspace simultaneously serves as a route connecting the two floors




diagram of the attic renovation