rusan architects adds contemporary touches to hotel bellevue in croatia
image © of hrvoje serdar



built in 1967, the original hotel bellevue was designed by the croatian architect zdravko bregovac. while featuring stunning design elements, exemplified by a central atrium, the structure was modified by rusan arkitektura to better reflect the modern requisites for exclusivity and relaxation. the atrium was updated with dark teak surfaces which contrast with the light airy space and white finishing of the original design. to better integrate the building with the courtyard, a convertible glazed passageway connects guests to the inner sanctuary which features mature trees from the hotels initial opening.

bellevue hotel Hrvoje Serdar7
aerial perspective of the atrium reveal the ecologically sensitive living roof facade
image © of senja vild




bregovac’s characteristic linear styling has been broken up with hard geometric forms which maintains the structures modernist character while creating a more intimate environment. the motif of dark v. light, found in the atrium, continues to he external facade via the horizontal brise-soleil system of shutters, maintaining balance and continuity throughout the project. beneath the lobby resides the pool, exercise and massage facilities. the interior walls are finished with color mosaics intended to create a fun atmosphere by valentina butumljević, damjan roce and klara rusan.

glazed passageway leading from atrium to seaside patio
image © of hrvoje serdar

bellevue hotel Damir Fabijanić5
the main entrance 
image © of damir fabijanić

bellevue hotel Damir Fabijanić4
an external view of the hotel
image © of damir fabijanić

bellevue hotel Damir Fabijanić2

the reception desk comprised of indian apple veneer fits seamless with the terrazzo flooring and persian travertine columns
image © of damir fabijanić

bellevue hotel Damir Fabijanić
pyramidal forms of varying shapes create a modern space
image © of damir fabijanić

bellevue hotel Hrvoje Serdar3
composite stone of ammonite and madagascan fossilized trees line the walls of the two story lounge bar
image © of hrvoje serdar

bellevue hotel Hrvoje Serdar5
natural light illuminates the interior pool via a glazed dome
image © of hrvoje serdar

bellevue hotel Hrvoje Serdar4
the outdoor and indoor pool share a deck, creating a seamless transition between the two facilities  
image © of hrvoje serdar

bellevue hotel Damir Fabijanić1
the subterranean hallway is illuminated by backlit onyx
image © of damir fabijanić

aerial view of hotel bellevue


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