‘pond’ by ryuji nakamura and associates in tokyo, japan images courtesy of ryuji nakamura and associates

japanese firm ryuji nakamura & associates has collaborated with suzanne oxenaar to create ‘pond’, a temporary installation at the tokyo llove hotel in japan. deceptive and limitless in its arrangement, the organic, tactile space looks to support a range of possible interactions between both individuals and groups of people.

ryuji nakamura: pond (left) view looking over the top of the ‘pond’ (right) visitor sleeping underneath

polyurethane string was suspended in tension from one end of the 37m2 room to the other in a repetitious parallel fashion creating a raised and seemingly constricting horizontal plane. due to the threads inherent elastic quality, the installation is both malleable and responsive, adapting to the changes habits and needs of each transient visitor.

ryuji nakamura: pond underside

the translucency of the string creates an ephemeral and tranquil atmosphere that engulfs each visitor. as a unit, the strings serve as a horizontal room divider filtering light between the upper and lower half of the space. contrasting in function and environment, the tensile arrangement separates private and communal activities, providing dwellers with a discrete place to nap and a diverse surface for eating and playing games.

ryuji nakamura: pond visitors can easily manipulate the polyurethane strings

designboom stayed in the ‘pond’ room at the tokyo LLove hotel during tokyo design week 2010. take a look at other installations situated within rooms 302, 306 and 307.

ryuji nakamura: pond visitor interacting with the strings

ryuji nakamura: pond being used as a tabletop

ryuji nakamura: pond view of the ‘pond’ from below

ryuji nakamura: pond using the strings a tabletop for a game of cards

ryuji nakamura: pond the flexible strings conform to the inhabitants, separating to accommodate their presence