the collaborative team of sadar + vuga and HHF architects has been chosen to overhaul the ‘dom revolucije’ (home of revolution) in montenegro — an imposing structure originally designed by marko mušič in the 1970s. located in nikšić, montenegro’s second largest city, the building was originally planned to represent the socio-political identity of the region, containing a war memorial, a theater, and a music school. construction started in september 1978, but work was suspended after 11 years. since then, the building has been incomplete.

the design team developed a series of plugins which could be inserted within the existing space



the winning proposal takes the site’s existing architecture as its starting point, treating it as a covered landscape. the ground floor plan is intersected by two main promenades which lead people through the space, while connecting the building with the city’s existing fabric. the introduction of underground parking allows the building to become a gateway into the city, freeing up the remainder of nikšić for pedestrianization. visitors who arrive by car are free to enter ‘dom’ and explore the social spaces to the north, or to exit to the south and explore the city beyond.

underground parking allows other areas of the site to be pedestrianized



by treating the existing structure as an urbanscape rather than a building, the design team developed three plugins, which could be inserted within the existing space. these modules contain a café, a co-working office, gallery spaces, and educational workshops. a central promenade connects the entirety of the scheme, as well as the surrounding area. while the spaces along this spine will be renovated, the functions are left unspecified and flexible. the strategy seeks to address the current socio-political environment of niksić, without discrediting the site’s original architecture.

construction work on the original building started in 1978

the structure has been laying dormant for 27 years



project info:


type: community and infrastructure
source: international competition
client: ministry of sustainable development and tourism montenegro
location: niksic, montenegro
building area: 21,738 sqm
program: cafe, education, workshops, performance, events
structure: reinforced concrete, steel trusses, extensive glazing
cladding: prefabricated insulating panels, glazing, wood structure
architects: sadar + vuga and HHF architekten