safdie architects reveals designs for the new headquarters for surbana jurong, singapore’s leading architecture, urban design, and infrastructure firm. the project marks the first initiative for the safdie surbana jurong joint venture, which was established in 2017 to develop innovative and iconic projects in asia-pacific. the campus, featuring treehouse pavilions linked by a centralized footbridge, harmoniously integrates the surrounding natural landscape and tropical canopies. the extensive campus is designed as an expression of singapore’s embodiment of the ‘garden city.’

safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters
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the campus by safdie architects will be the initial flagship development of a jurong district ‘eco-garden’ set within the anticipated ‘cleantech park.’ the expansive surbana jurong campus maintains respect for the human scale and the individual experience of visitors as well as the 4,000 employees. during the initial design phase, the teams at safdie architects and surbana jurong undertook an intricate site analysis to map the locations of the specimen trees and unique plant life. this understanding led to a proposal which preserves a maximum amount of mature vegetation.

safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters



the series of ‘treehouse-like’ pavilions which comprises the headquarters are united by a centralized pedestrian walkway, weaving throughout interior and exterior landscapes. this path designates a spatial hierarchy, generating a network of offices embedded within the surrounding parkland. a glazed pedestrian spine and a series of both open-air and enclosed courtyards provide natural light and fresh air. a diverse array of plant life for each courtyard will be curated by PWP landscape architects, introducing to each its own distinctive character. the north courtyard, with a shared meeting center, is quieter in nature and lushly planted to create intimate spaces within the gardens. the south courtyard, with a cafeteria program, is much livelier and is primarily a hardscaped piazza punctuated by more formal planting.

safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters



moshe safdie comments:we are honored to be working with surbana jurong to realize the company’s new home set among the tropical treetops of singapore. it is our hope that the new campus will come to embody much more than just a place to work. we have designed the buildings with both the surbana jurong community and the community-at-large in mind, creating uplifting spaces that maximize the potential for shared moments of engagement and creativity facilitated by the tranquility of the site’s natural setting.’

safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters



wong heang fine, group ceo for surbana jurong, continues:with the creation of these headquarters, surbana jurong is consolidating its subsidiaries and bringing together architects, engineers, consultants, and other specialists onto one site. the design promotes interaction, creativity and innovation; the core values of surbana jurong.’

safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters safdie architects surbana jurong headquarters



project info:


project name: surbana jurong headquarters

architecture firm: safdie architects

client: surbana jurong private limited

program: corporate headquarters

location: jurong district, singapore

landscape architect: peter walker and partners landscape architects

status: ongoing