SAKO architects' vertical rainbow facade filters tokyo cityscape through vivd lens

SAKO architects' vertical rainbow facade filters tokyo cityscape through vivd lens

the Vertical Rainbow: a Facade Transformation in tokyo


Tokyo‘s streetscape has seen a vibrant transformation with the completion of the Vertical Rainbow facade by SAKO Architects, a Japanese studio known for shaping playful spaces with a spectrum of colors. Formerly a typical ‘pencil’ headquarters building, this structure now stands as a symbol of creativity. The architecture reflects the identity of its occupant — a global paint company — with a ‘vertical rainbow’ in glass along the length of its exterior, a symbol of the infinite spectrum of colors it represents.

SAKO architects vertical rainbowimages © Koji Fujii



sako architects’ material explorations


In a pioneering move, SAKO Architects harnessed the potential of a newly developed in-house paint for outdoor glass to bring their vision to life. This revolutionary material allowed the architects to apply a gradient coating to tempered laminated glass, giving the facade its vibrant, multicolored appearance. What sets this design apart is its illusion of being composed solely of colorful glass panels, achieved through minimalist support by horizontal frames on the top and bottom two sides, elegantly wider than the terrace’s width.

SAKO architects vertical rainbowworkspaces for a global paint company occupy the building



the Facade’s Dynamic Interaction with the city


During daylight hours, SAKO Architects’ Vertical Rainbow facade comes to life. Sunlight streams through the colored glass, transforming into a mesmerizing palette of hues that cast luminous hues across the terrace floor and adjacent building exteriors. The ever-changing play of clouds, sky, and colors blends seamlessly, resembling a work of digital art, especially on cloudy days when the sky readily reflects the building’s vibrant facade. Inside, a surreal landscape of color floods the walls and floors. Tokyo’s eclectic cityscape, now filtered with vivid colors, appears almost dreamlike in a new artistic composition.


As the sun sets, the Vertical Rainbow takes on an entirely new atmosphere. Illuminated by strategically placed lights, the glass panels emit a soft, ethereal glow, creating what the team refers to as a ‘night rainbow.’

SAKO architects vertical rainbow
the luminous glass facade becomes a ‘night rainbow’ after sunset SAKO architects vertical rainbow
SAKO Architects employs a newly developed in-house paint for outdoor glass SAKO architects vertical rainbowstacked terraces each receive a unique treatment


Tokyo’s cityscape is filtered through a vivid lens

SAKO architects vertical rainbowviews of the city are transformed into abstracted frames recalling works of digital art


the balcony floors and walls are flooded with filtered light

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