salt coworking space incorporates neoclassical design elements
all photos courtesy of nickita polosov and varvara cashtanova




designed by igor kuznetchov and vitalii kodgevnicov of esthet, the co-working space titled ‘salt’ in yekaterinburg, russia incorporates home like amenities while offering an open office space. the composition exhibits neoclassic characteristic via the incorporation of columns, lusters, wall paneling and intricate moulding. when choosing the color palette, the architects sought natural tones which do not clash with one another, continuing the vintage appearance throughout. furthermore, by restoring the original, dark, coarse wooden floor, the space achieves a dynamism otherwise devoid in more typical neoclassicist projects in a relatively small 250 m2.

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt7
the open office space juxtaposes classical light fixtures, throwback table lamps with modernist seats and desks

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt6
the white and beige color composition contrasts sharply with the floor, juxtaposing elegant with raw

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt5
in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere, the architects created a multipurpose open space replete with comfortable furniture

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt4
the ‘boardroom’ is positioned adjacent to the workspace which promotes interaction and collaboration

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt2
the central corridor seamlessly unifies the space while creating aesthetic continuity throughout

Igor Kuznetchov Vitalii Kodgevnicov salt8
notice the clear delineation between the work and relaxation spaces, the design seeks to foster a more productive environment by embedding employees in a relaxed work environment



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom