SALT transforms warehouse into stock shared offices in tokyo
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ogata yoshiki / SALT and watase ikuma teamed up to transform a warehouse in tokyo into stock shared offices. the existing building had a five-story container architecture style, surrounded by metal, with low ceilings and no windows. this gave it a very inorganic feeling that the architects wanted to eliminate. the first thing they did to accomplish their goal was to create a large aperture with wooden-framed windows facing the street, letting natural light flow into the space.

stock tokyo
a sequoia tree was planted to create a landmark within the street




since the property exists in the middle of a hill and had no defining landmark, they planted a more than 12 meter high sequoia to create a distinctive feature along the street. because the depth of the shrubbery was only 1800mm, they made the root bowl as small as possible, and installed the tree at the top of the hill. as for the rest of the plants, their heights were levered to the sequoia, and selected based on their varying leaf colors to add visual diversity. 

stock tokyo
the entrance door was replaced by a ten year-old marine container




a ten-year-old marine container has been appropriated to act as the entrance door, and clearly shows when the office is open or closed. a ten-meter long kitchen is arranged towards the big open concept space as well as a variety of furniture intends to correspond to the user’s moods, events, or work activities: when combined, the benches can become a hearth;  and when piled, the stools become shelves. there are no more than three pieces of furniture that are the same, giving users the chance to customize their work environment every day.

stock tokyo
a graphic team created maps to guide visitors through the space

stock tokyo
the second floors is an open space with different seating options

stock tokyo
all the furniture was custom-made  

stock tokyo
the addition of windows allows views to the outside and the sequoia tree

stock tokyo
the furniture intends to correspond to the user’s moods, events, or work activities

stock tokyo
the third floor is divided into cubicles, perfect for individual work

stock tokyo
when piled, the stools can become shelves

stock tokyo
the office serves as a work space for people in the food business 



project info:


title: stock share office
design: yoshiki ogata / yoshikiogata+salt, ikumawatas
pic: yoshiki ogata, ikumawatase
graphics: uma design farm
planting: yasukazu nishihata and yudainishihata from hanaichiharuen
furniture: kan nagata from iei studio
location: 2-16-4 takanawa, minato-ku, tokyo 108-0074 japan
principle use: share office
construction: d.brain co.,ltd.
number of stories: 5
floor area: 1f: 231.02m2 2f: 231.02m2 3f: 217.98m2 4f: 217.98m2 5f: 188.90m2
structure: steel
completion: september 1st, 2015
photo: yoshiro masuda



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