touchdown in san francisco; sleek, silver spaceship-like designs have won a competition to replace the JCDecaux public toilets of the californian city – home to google, apple and many more tech companies. the futuristic multi-purpose facility by smithgroup JJR is literally growing with green-technology. plants and benches wrap around the bottom of its reflective body, whilst a living garden bathes in the sun on the rooftop.


the design blends sculpture with technology in a way that conceptually and literally reflects san francisco’s unique neighborhoods,’ stated smithgroup JJR design principal bill katz. ‘together, the varied kiosks and public toliets will tell a sustainability story through water re-use and native landscapes.


smithgroup JJR’s design is forward-thinking, combining natural elements and environmental sustainability with modern technology and materials. this 21st-century street furniture reflects our san francisco values, as we invest in a public realm designed dignity, inclusivity, and beauty,’ said public works director mohammed nuru.


the redesign of san francisco’s JCDecaux public toilets and kiosks was held as an invitation-only competition by public works. the entries were narrowed down to three finalists by a jury in april 2018, before ultimately selecting smithgroup JJR’s design as the winner after response from the community.



via sfweekly