amid the negev desert region of southern israel, ‘landroom’ by gitai architects is a minimal, environmental 6 square meter structure, which serves as an observation point on the edge of the mitzpe ramon crater — the world’s largest erosion cirque. its design was conceived to embody the transition from a normative lifestyle to the unpredictable living conditions created as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

landroom 1
morning light — bird’s eye view
all images by ben gitai / @gitaiarchitects



the project by gitai architects is built to function as a star observatory at night, and as a safe shelter in the daylight when the sun’s rays are burning. maintaining the dialogue between the internal and external environment, the ‘landroom’ allows for a meaningful connection between the space and the landscape that surrounds it. the atmosphere within the structure transforms itself according to the changing environmental conditions throughout the day. 

landroom 2
morning light — view of the landroom and the ramon crater



the project is built entirely out of earth and sand from the ramon crater, as well as stones found at the site. the construction process has been carried out by compressing soil layers into a mold created specifically for the design of the project. in this way, a visual material stratification has been formed. the project examines the relationship between material and territorial space, and how they define each other.




within the internal space, there is a window on which a wind bell built of desert stone has been hung, sparking a dialogue with the natural environment. this work emphasizes the need of man to observe nature. the landroom is a spatial formal translation that provides the visitor a sense of freedom and space within a unique landscape.

landroom 3
midday light – view of the landroom and the ramon crater

landroom 4
midday light – view of the landroom and the ramon crater

landroom 5
night start light – view from inside the landroom, looking at the stars


landroom 6
morning light – bird eye view

landroom 7
morning light – view of the landroom

landroom 8
morning light – view of the landroom

landroom 9
nightlight – view of the landroom against the starry sky



project info:


name: landroom
architecture office: gitai architects
location: ramon crater, negev desert, israel




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