saudi arabia's giga-project revives historic city of diriyah as kingdom's new cultural capital

saudi arabia's giga-project revives historic city of diriyah as kingdom's new cultural capital

diriyah: saudi arabia’s new culture capital


Accelerating Saudi Arabia’s ambitious objective to position itself as a leading tourism destination, crown prince HRH Mohammad bin Salman has announced the Kingdom’s most recent giga-project, Diriyah Gate. The mixed-use urban development revives the historic city of Diriyah as Saudi Arabia’s new cultural capital, combining traditional Najdi architectural typology with modern urbanism to promote the landmark’s authentic heritage.


Inviting visitors across the globe to experience one-of-a-kind hospitality and retail experiences rooted in traditional Arab history, the district will introduce over 30 new cultural attractions including museums, galleries, and recreational spaces that explore and narrate the rich narrative of Saudi Arabia.

saudi arabia's giga-project revives historic city of diriyah as kingdom's new cultural capital
Bujairi District | all images courtesy of Vision 2030



promoting the kingdom’s culture, heritage and history


The project, led by the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), is part of the Public Investment Fund’s Vision 2030 initiative which aims to bring in 27 million visitors by 2030. As it joins fellow giga-projects NEOM and The Red Sea, Diriyah Gate will enhance the Kingdom’s image as a prominent global tourist, culture, and leisure hub by activating and promoting its most valuable heritage assets. Located within the Riyadh province, the development has already begun to transform the monumental town into a mixed-use landmark with cultural facilities, rejuvenated, hotels, and residences that proudly showcase Saudi Arabian history.

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King Salman Museum



traditional Najdi architecture fused with modern urbanism


At the heart of the development’s master plan lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif — one of the most prominent historic sites in Saudi Arabia. The iconic mud-brick city which stands as the original capital of the modern Kingdom, one of the first major settlements, and the birthplace of the ruling Al Saud family, is being preserved and protected to promote almost 300 years of Arab history. The regenerated neighborhood will immerse visitors in its legacy through museums, palaces, and archaeological monuments that shaped the birthplace of the Kingdom.


Beyond contributing to the nation’s wider tourism goals and promoting its culture, heritage and history, Diriyah Gate will also strengthen the economy and support the local community through a multitude of empowering initiatives, increasing employment opportunities and standards of living.

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King Salman Square


diriyah designboom
the project preserves heritage and fuses traditional Najdi architectural typology with modern urbanism





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