the rig: an offshore ‘extreme park’


in celebration of its petroleum industry, saudi arabia announces plans to realize a colossal theme park which takes the shape of an oil rig. the development, dubbed ‘THE RIG,’ is inspired by offshore oil platforms and will introduce nearly 37 acres of built space in the arabian gulf.


funded by saudi arabia’s public investment fund (PIF), the island theme park will host three hotels — with a total of 800 rooms — and eleven restaurants all scattered across a number of platforms. the massive complex will be woven with roller coasters, zip-lines, bungee jumping, and skydiving. the park is dotted with helipads, which guarantee visitors a grand entrance to the ‘extreme park.’

oil rig theme parkimages by public investment fund (PIF)



saudi arabia’s hopes for the future


the public investment fund (PIF) plans its oil rig theme park with the goal of driving innovation in saudi arabia’s tourism and entertainment sectors, as it seeks to attract 100 million tourists each year by the end of the decade. the group expects that THE RIG will make the country a more favorable destination for international visitors.


the inspiration from offshore oil platforms is plain to see. the curious and overt gesture comes at a time when saudi arabia is considering the role of its petroleum industry. the news came just as the nation unveiled its net-zero-by-2060 COP26 climate plan to the UN, claiming that it will invest $187 billion in climate action by 2030, but will not scale-back oil production and reduce fossil fuel exports in the near future.

oil rig theme park



declaring the environmental role of its oil rig-inspired theme park, PIF comments:THE RIG’ seeks environmental protection in the project’s area, in line with global best practices and in support of saudi arabia’s efforts to preserve the environment.‘ 

oil rig theme park