sbotic presents zero-emission six cities high-rise initiative
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combining major advances in building integrated concentrated solar power (BICSP) with crowdfunding, london-based sbotic — a division of rawlemon™ — presents the ‘six cities solar high rise initiative’. the innovative architectural concept is for the construction of six zero-emission urban towers that use an envelope of transparent spherical solar-concentrating lenses, in tandem with micro photovoltaic and thermal receptors to produce energy-generating, affordable residences.

sbotic six cities solar high rise initiative rawlemon designboom
solar panel interior




calculations by sbotic estimated that each tower will be able to produce an annual average of over 367MWh of combined energy, a sum in excess of its own demands. such an amount would be able to fully offset the initial production costs — depending on the location — in as little as 25 years.


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the ‘six cities solar high rise initiative’ has buildings planned in new york city, london, barcelona, paris, berlin, and tokyo. offering an updated model of habitation and energy production, it’s possible that accommodation and property costs could be reduced by as much as 40% over 100 years. sbotic’s crowdfunding campaign has yet to be released

sbotic six cities solar high rise initiative rawlemon designboom
the solar powered façade creates positive benefits and cuts total build costs by 40%

energy use calculation 

sbotic six cities solar high rise initiative rawlemon designboom
unit floor plan 



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